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Here is the Body Mass Index (BMI) for 5ft 10inch weighing 16st 5lbs

You have a Body Mass Index of


According to BMI Classifications, you are


The ideal weight range for your height is:

9St 3lbs to 12St 7lbs


Please select your height and weight using either the Imperial (Standard) or Metric system of measurement.

Please note that this tool is designed for adults.

Imperial System (Stones and Feet)

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Imperial System (Pounds and Feet)

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Metric System (Centimetres and Kilograms)

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About The Body Mass Index

Your Body Mass Index is a fairly good indicator of general health. It compares your current weight with your height to see if you are within a healthy range. It's more scientific than looking in the mirror and prodding all your bulges.

A high B.M.I. indicates that you are overweight.

This Body Mass Index Calculator takes your height and weight, and gives you your B.M.I. It then suggests if you are underweight, a healthy weight or overweight - as well as suggesting what range is ideal for your height.

The BMI is a very general indicator. Before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle, you should consult a medical expert.

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