Total Gym 1800 Club Review

The Total Gym is an exercise system that uses your own weight as the resistance force. It may look quite basic, but don't mistake this as something you can only do one or two things on. There are hundreds of combinations of exercises you can use it for.

The Total Gym 1800 Club is effectively a sliding seat (like a rowing machine) but at an angle - so you're pushing or pulling yourself uphill. The reason it's called the Total Gym is because it works all parts of your body. By positioning yourself differently, the Total Gym can strengthen and tone almost any muscle.

You can face forwards, and push the base bar with your hands, or flip around and work your legs. A set of cords is attached to the seat, which loop round the top. If you pull on them, you pull yourself up.

The good news is that, like the name suggests, it's an all-in-one exercise machine. It may not look like it, but it can pretty much build or tone any muscle that a conventional weight machine will do. And, unlike many other machines that are designed for specific body types, the Total Gym adapts. You can raise and lower the incline - which has the effect of making the exercises more difficult or easy.

However, the really great thing about the Total Gym is that - because you are moving along with the machine - it's actually a lot of fun. Rather than just sitting there pumping dumbbells for half an hour, your sliding back and forward, up and down, and changing your position to work different areas of your body.

There are various models of the Total Gym around - some are more expensive (with more features) while some are more basic. The Total Gym 1100 , for example, doesn't come with the push bar at the bottom. You might think that wouldn't make a difference, but you'll regret it when you start having fun with the Total Gym and realize you want to do more.

Meanwhile, at the top of the range, there's the Total Gym XLS . This is certainly the nicest looking, and is also more padded, but it is considerably more expensive.

So, the Total Gym 1800 is recommended for most users. Click Here for more information.

Good Points of Total Gym 1800 Bad Points of Total Gym 1800
  • Easy to use, Fun
  • Great for short, 5 minute workouts
  • Works whole body
  • Lots of exercises, unlikely to get bored
  • Very adaptive
  • Suitable for all adult age groups and sizes
  • Needs quite a bit of space, since you move about a lot and don't want to hit anything.
  • Adjustments may be needed to the machine during your routine, which can be a bit of hastle.
  • While you can fold it up, it does still need quite a bit of space for storing it.
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