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Creative Speed Writing

How would you like to blast through your writing tasks faster than you thought possible? That's what the Speed Writer Tool does. If you've not used the tool before, read below.

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About The Creative Speed Writer

Why wait for creativity to strike? This tool gives you an easy way to get your creativity up to speed.

As the name suggests, speed writing is producing writing much faster than you are used to. It's about trying to blast out as much text as possible against the clock.

This is not about typing faster... it's not typing speed that slows most people down.

The major idea is that the number one thing that slows down your writing is stopping to think. If you just keep writing, ideas will flow from your brain naturally.

Speed writing doesn't just let you write fast. Paradoxically, it also creates text that is easier to read and better quality. Because you are not stopping to think, what you write ends up sounding more like what you would say if you were talking out loud. After all, you don't spend minutes thinking out a response in a conversation... it just flows. Speed writing lets you do the same thing through typing.

Using The Creative Speed Writer Tool

The aim of this is to write a short 150 word story that contains three random words, before the time runs out.

When you click the link above, you'll be taken to the creative speed writer tool.

When the speed writer appears, start typing immediately... and don't stop.

Three words will appear at the top, and will be crossed out when you use them. Use one in the first sentence to get you started.

There are two bars at the top - the time bar, and the word bar. The word bar will increase as you type. The aim is to keep it ahead of the time bar. This race will keep you motivated.

Don't edit as you write. Just keep going, and try to resist the temptation to edit spelling and grammar mistakes - that's why you're going to type 200 words, so you can edit down later.

Once the time is up, or you have your 200 words, go back and edit down to about 150. You'll actually find your writing needs less editing than you'd think.

Highlight the text, then copy and paste this into a Word document (or equivalent).

So, give it a go. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can produce quality writing.

Quite A Thought: If you were to do this ten times a day, you'd be able to write a full novel in 2 months!

If you need a more structured approach, such as writing an essay, report or book, try the standard speed writer tool.