Hello, and welcome to my Toolbox - a collection of simple, online tools to do various things quickly and easily. All are free to use. If you like them and find them useful, please spread the word!

In The Toolbox

Harvard Reference Generator

The "Harvard Style" is a standard format to create your bibliography references in for your essays and reports. Just put in the raw details - like author, title and year of publication - and out pops the reference. [Go...]

Plagiarism Tester

Many students don't realize that copying someone else's work without giving credit is wrong - and that includes material you find online. Use this tool to check sections of your text to test if you are liable to get accused of plagiarism. [Go...]

Speed Writing

How would you like to be able to blast through writing tasks in almost no time? Using this tool, you'll be able to write thousands of words of good quality writing in under an hour. [Go...]

Lazy Researcher

This tool simply creates links to resources on the web based upon your topic. It doesn't write the essay or report for you, but it will give you many places you probably didn't think to look for material. [Go...]

BMI Calculator

As we become more and more body conscious, we need to consider what a healthy weight actually is. The Body Mass Index uses your height and weight to determine if you can be considered "healthy." [Go...]
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