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Air Fryer Conversion Calculator

Air Fryers use slightly different times and temperatures than conventional ovens. This calculator allows you to work out what settings to use, in minutes and celsius. Read More...

Here are the air fryer settings for an oven temperature of 230°C (210°C Fan Oven) and a time of 35 Minutes

You should set your Air Fryer to



28 Minutes

Regardless of recommended settings, always make sure food is cooked thoroughly before eating

Enter the intructions for a standard oven below (as printed on the food packaging)
and they will be converted to Air Fryer settings

About The Air Fryer Conversion Calculator

Air Fryers have become extremely popular in recent years, as their benefits are fairly obvious. They are often quicker, more conventient, use far less energy and (perhaps most importantly) cost signficantly less to run than conventional ovens.

However, food manufactures have yet to catch up with the change in habits, and still only print coventional oven temperatures and times on their packaging.

This Air Fryer Conversion calculator converts the temperature as printed on food packaging into the correct settings to use on your Air Fryer.

Just enter the temperature and time instructions for a normal oven, and it will give you the settings to use.

IMPORTANT: As always with cooking, regardless of the suggesting settings, always make sure your food is cooked thoroughly before eating.