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Journey Fuel Cost Calculator

Before setting out on a long journey, it can be useful to calculate how much the fuel is going to cost. This calculator takes the journey length, cost of each litre of fuel and your vehicle's miles/gallon to calculate the rough total cost of your journey. This is designed for the UK. Read More...

Here is the likely cost for a journey of 80 miles costing 130 pence/litre in a vehicle averaging 45 miles/gallon.

You will use approximately

8.89 Litres

Which will cost approximately


The actual cost can vary due to a number of factors, including number of passengers/weight, average speed, traffic & terrain.

About the Fuel Cost Journey Calculator (UK)

Fuel costs are an important consideration before setting off somewhere, and it can be difficult to work out - particularly in the UK, where fuel is priced in litres, but most drivers know their fuel consumption in gallons per mile.

The tool allows you to get a rough estimate of how much your journey is likely to cost. You can use this for budgeting, splitting the bill, or considering whether public transport will be cheaper.

Remember: this is just an estimate. The actual cost will vary due to a number of factors. These can include the additional weight (which includes passengers and luggage), your average speed throughout your journey, whether your driving at the same speed throughout or doing a lot of starting and stopping, traffic as well as the terrain (lots of going up and down hills will cost more than level roads). As a general rule, driving on empty motorways will end up using much less fuel than going through busy city/town roads.

Note: This tool is mainly applicable in the UK, but can be used anywhere that uses miles for distance, miles/gallon for efficiency comparisons and petrol/diesel is sold in pence/litre.